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Delight is in the Details

Shawn Blanc has updated his guide to getting the most out of your creative work with new chapters, interviews and more. If you didn't purchase out the initial version last year, it's definitely time to check it out. And if you did, the new version is free, because Shawn is awesome.

OS X Yosemite public beta launches tomorrow

Jason Snell:

On Thursday, fall will come early for hundreds of thousands of Mac users when Apple releases its first public beta of OS X Yosemite. The public-beta program, announced during Apple’s annual developer conference in June, lets regular users download and test pre-release versions of OS X. Apple says the first million users to sign up at the OS X Beta Program website will be able to test Yosemite before the OS is released to the general public in the fall.

Users can sign up over on Apple's website.

This marks the first public beta of OS X since Kodiak way back in 2000. In that public beta, OS X's Aqua interfaces receieved a fair amount of work. I'm really curious to see how much Yosemite will be influenced by having a million people (plus an untold number of registered Mac developers) running it for months prior to its official release this fall.

Even if the public beta doesn't influence the final OS all that much, Dan Moren is right: this is a new chapter in Apple history. The OS X Public Beta was a necessity to help developers and users better prepare for the transition from OS 9 to OS X. A big shift like that is clearly not the case here; this is Apple being more open than ever. I like it.

Apple posts Q3 results

Joel Mathis at Macworld:

Even in an era when critics complain the company has lost a step, Apple’s profits keep climbing. The company released its fiscal third-quarter earnings report on Wednesday, reporting revenue of $37.4 billion and a net profit of $7.7 billion.

Those numbers were up from the third quarter of 2013, when Apple tallied $35.3 billion in revenue and $6.9 billion in net profit.

That's 35.2 million iPhones, 13.27 million iPads, 4.41 million Macs and 2.96 million iPods compared to 31.24 million iPhones, 14.62 million iPads, 3.75 million Macs, and 4.57 million iPods last year.


Brett Terpstra has written one of the most amazing things I've read online in a long, long time. Happy birthday, bud.

How Apollo worked

The fact that man has walked on the moon never ceases to fill me with wonder. The fact that we did it with 1950s and 60s tech is even more amazing.